5 Good Work Skills For Leaders To Include In Their Resume In 2024


How exactly does one select the most essential and mission-critical work skills to include in a resume for a leadership position?

Being a leader or manager is a tall order, and identifying the most appropriate and essential skills to showcase throughout one’s resume when applying for a managerial or leadership role is perhaps the most difficult decision to make in your job search. This is because you will need to know what’s important to include, and what can be omitted and better discussed at the interview stage. So it’s a careful balancing act.

MORE FROM FORBES5 Good Work Skills To Include In Your Resume In 2024

Now of course, you should always include the core competencies listed in the job advert, so that your resume passes through ATS (applicant tracking systems that recruiters use to sift out resumes) and demonstrates that you are a matching candidate based on the keywords.

However, if you are planning on eliminating any extra skills from your master resume copy, be certain that you do not remove any evidence or mention of the following work skills:

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1. Analytical Decision-Making

Analytical skills are the backbone of confident decision making as a leader, and is number two in the World Economic Forum’s list of “skills on the rise” in their Future of Jobs 2023 report, with almost 72% of organizations considering it of high importance when evaluating new hires.

When you make a decision, and have the data to create the rationale underpinning it, this inspires your employer, team, and stakeholders with confidence and trust that you know what you’re doing and are acting in the best interest of your organization and industry.

Reflect on examples of times when you have used your analysis of data to inform conclusions or decisions within your role, and ask yourself, What was the quantifiable impact of this in the long term? Scatter examples of where you’ve demonstrated analytical decision-making skills throughout your resume.

2. Communication Skills

Every professional needs to have good communication skills to cope with a range of environments, as we interact and engage with people within the constraints of our roles every day, though some may need to improve their communication skills to a greater or less degree.

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As a leader, it’s even more imperative to ensure your communication skills are above par, and that this is listed as a skill in your resume. Additionally, be intentional about incorporating examples of where you’ve demonstrated exceptional communication and its impact throughout your professional profile and work experience sections.

For instance, a good way to talk about your communication skills would be to relate how you are adept at adapting your communication style to the individual, at all levels of an organization. You can also mention how you are a clear and confident communicator, or how you motivate and coach your team within your one-to-one performance reviews, or how you chair weekly meetings.

These are just a few examples of how you can showcase communication in your resume.

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3. Performance Coaching And Team Management

As workplaces evolve, so are leadership styles. There is a stronger focus on people-centered, morally-based leadership styles such as coaching, transformative leadership, and leading with emotional intelligence and empathy.

Any organization who is forward-thinking and seeking to achieve a cohesive company culture will be mindful of what leaders and managers they bring in from external sources, and how they can affect the workplace dynamics. This means you will need to ensure that your skills and experience sections highlight your dominant leadership style(s), and includes phrases such as “coaching” and “boosted morale and performance by X%”.

4. Technology

It’s not merely soft or “power” skills and leadership qualities that need to be included. You need to make mention of any technology or software that you are familiar with, or have a working knowledge of. It might be hard to do this initially, beyond the commonly used Microsoft Office suite perhaps, so allocate some quiet time to list in detail every software tool you’ve used at work—which you probably take for granted.

And don’t forget to take advantage of this opportunity to highlight if you have any AI skills or knowledge, particularly with generative AI applications. Organizations are beginning to prioritize up-skilling their workers this year with understanding how to apply artificial intelligence, so any existing knowledge and experience you may bring will be helpful and enable you to stand out in your job application.

5. Adaptability

Last but not least, you need to include adaptability and resilience as a skill in your resume for a leadership or management role.

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This skill, which was named LinkedIn’s top “skill of the moment” for 2024, means that you are able to adjust to change and risk, and lead your team and organization to navigate these challenges effectively.

All five of these skills are non-negotiables for your resume and job application. But it’s essential to remember to not slip into the trap of copying and pasting them verbatim and assuming the job is done. You need to not only list these skills in your skills highlights section, but you should take it a step further and give context to each skill, proving your leadership potential and philosophy to attract your next employer and persuade them to call you for an interview.


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